Cyborg 009 ,Part2

Albert Heinrich - Cyborg 004. Seiyuus: Hiroshi Ohtake (1960s); Kenji Utsumi (1968 series [second voice]); Keaton Yamada (1979 series and 1980 movie); Nobuo Tobita (2001 series).
Albert was originally from Germany. He and his fiancée Hilda attempted to escape to West Berlin in the guise of circus members (Albert drove a truck with an animal cage; Hilda dressed up in a lioness costume and stayed in the cage with an actual lion; this is in the manga, since in the 1980 movie and the 2001 series Hilda was Albert's co-pilot). However, because Albert forgot to retrieve his forged identification from a guard, he panicked and sped off. The border guards opened fire on the truck, injuring Albert and killing Hilda in the process. Black Ghost agents arrived on the scene and lied that they would take Albert to a hospital. In the 2001 series, upon waking up as a cyborg, Albert was stricken with despair and developed suicidal tendencies, worsened by the side effects of his modifications which caused him additional physical pain and strain. This ultimately forced Black Ghost to halt the cyborg program for decades, and put the existing cyborgs in suspended animation until technology developed far enough to make future cyborg soldiers more stable. Of all of the 00-Cyborgs, Albert is the one who has had the most cybernetic modification. His right fingertips contains small machine guns, his left hand has razor-sharp edges, and he has missiles hidden in his knees. 004 often has a gruff exterior which belies his friendly personality and disgust with war. (In the 2001 series, he has to fight a robotic version of himself in a castle. He is losing until the robot predicts that he will jump in a certain direction to save himself, but he then jumps in a different direction to save some birds caught up in their battle. The confusion of the robot underscores 004's humanity.). As mentioned, He was the last of the 00 Cyborgs who were frozen until more advanced technology and procedures were made and is the chronologically oldest of the group, being already 30 years old when captured. He also developed a bond with Princess Biina of the Yomi kingdom, which can be interpreted as the first stages of romantic feelings or just sympathy for her deep wish for freedom.

Geronimo, Jr. - Cyborg 005. Seiyuus: Hiroshi Matsuoka (1960s); Banjou Ginga (1979 series and 1980 movie); Akio Otsuka (2001 series).
Also called "G-Junior" for short, and was originally from an undisclosed part of the southwest United States. G-Junior is a Native American who was unable to find work due to widespread racism. At age 26, he was approached to be a Native American chief in a sideshow, but G-Junior simply punched the sideshow owner in the face, refusing to further the stereotypes about his culture. Black Ghost agents overheard the conversation and offered G-Junior a job far from home. G-Junior accepted, admitting that he really had no home anymore. (In the 2001 series he was a freelance construction worker bribed into accepting a very promising job offer by disguised Black Ghost agents). 005 was the first created when Black Ghost resumed its cyborg soldier program. Physically, he is the strongest as well as the biggest of the 00-Cyborgs, and he also has heavily armored skin, evidence of Black Ghost's technological evolution since 004. However, he is also a silent, humble man with a deep reverence for nature and life, and it's speculated that he may have a sort of sixth sense that allows him to sense changes in the nature and possibly other people's thoughts.

Chang Chang Ku Chinese Pinyin: Zhāngzhāng Hú)- Cyborg 006. Seiyuus: Arihiro Fujimura (1960s movies); Ichirō Nagai (1968 series); Sanji Hase (1979 series and 1980 movie); Chafurin (2001 series).
Chang was originally from China. He was an impoverished Chinese farmer in is early 40's who once owned a pig farm; almost all of his pigs ran away and he was starving and suffering under heavy taxes. (In the 2001 series, he owns a restaurant - explaining why he's such a good cook - but burns it down after doing a fire-breathing trick, then he loses everything else. Black Ghost agents pick him up when he faints.) Hopeless, Chang decided to end his misery by hanging himself. However, he was "saved" by a bullet from Black Ghost which cut the noose. Chang fainted and was later delivered to the Black Ghost laboratory. 006's power allows him to breathe huge flames. This ability also allows 006 to create tunnels in the earth and attack enemies with underground explosions. Aside from that, he's a jovial fellow who is well-versed in the ways of cooking; his refined cuisine and happy personality always manage to bring his teammates back to good spirits.

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