Cutey Honey , Part 3

After her return, Honey moves into the home of Danbei Hayami, a cyborg guardian and "dirty old man," as well as Danbei's grandson Chokkei, and his parents Daiko and Akakabu.

The series, originally intended to be a 12-part series ended at episode 8. While the first 4 episodes which contain a complete story was considered a success, the second set of 4 episodes, intended to set up the final 4 episodes failed to generate new interest in 1995. Toei did not fund the production of the last 4 episodes and the series concluded without a true ending. In 2004, when this OAV series was released in DVD in Japan, the scripted but not filmed episode 9, a Christmas story, was turned into a CD drama. The remaining three episodes were never scripted.

The series is full of nods to Go Nagai's other work.

Many of Danbei's weapons are miniature versions of those used by Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Grendizer. The first two robots were created by the scientist Dr. Kabuto. In fact, his appearance in Shin Cutey Honey matches how he looks in the Mazinkaiser OAV, and Mazinger Z manga.
The villains stand behind a Devilman gargoyle at the end of the first episode.
In a prison episode, Honey turns herself into an inmate who looks exactly like Kouji Kabuto. She also teams up with Akira from Devilman in the same episode.
The second opening sequence to the OAV also features a cameo from Dr. Kabuto as well as a scene of Akira Fudo fighting his arch-nemesis Silene.
The designs for Chokkei's parents, Daiko and Akakabu are based off the parents from Go Nagai's Deliquent in Drag.
In episode 2, there is a bust of Mazinger Z on her nightstand, and one of the villain's captives looks looks like Sayaka Yumi.

In 2004, Gainax produced a live-action Cutey Honey film, starring popular Japanese model Eriko Sato as Honey Kisaragi/Cutey Honey. Directed by Hideaki Anno, the film loosely retells the classic story of Cutey Honey's battle to defend humanity and avenge her father against Panther Claw. Villains Honey faces include Sister Jill, Gold Claw, Cobalt Claw, Scarlet Claw and Black Claw. The film also features a cameo by creator Go Nagai.

Simultaneous to the release of the Cutey Honey live action film, Gainax also produced a new three-part OAV (Original Animated Video) series entitled Re: Cutey Honey. The OAV tells the same story as the film, although with significantly more detail and plot elements added. A radical departure from the style of previous Cutey Honey incarnations, Re: Cutie Honey uses simplistic animation and bold lines that are heavily influenced by the original Cutie Honey TV series. The simplicity of many of the backgrounds and characters creates a distinct visual style that has its supporters and detractors, like the original.

At Anime Expo 2006, Bandai Entertainment announced they will release the movie in 2007 (DVD to be released on April 17), but it is unknown whether they licensed the OAV or not.

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