Devilman, part 3

Also in 2000, Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman was released as a pay-per-view event in Japan and later released on video and DVD. Perhaps the most violent of all the anime incarnations of the franchise, it covers the period between the humans becoming aware of demons and the final battle between Devilman and Satan. It has also spawned a video game for the PlayStation. (One other Devilman video game was previously released for the Nintendo Famicom in 1989, and characters from the series have also been featured in other video games such as Banpresto's Battle Dodgeball and the Dynamic Robot Wars series. None of these games have been released in North America.)

Many other manga titles were created later on including Shin Devilman (which replaced the entire third volume of the original manga in later editions), Neo Devilman and Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman. Several other books have been published dedicated to Devilman over the last 35 years.

In 2004, a tokusatsu Devilman movie using CGI effects was released. Unfortunately, it was universally rejected in Japan, even by Devilman fans. As a consequence, it won Grand Prize in Japan's Bunshun Kiichigo Awards (the Japanese version of the Razzie Awards, which are given to the worst movie of the year).

Go Nagai also released a manga series called Violence Jack. The series takes place during the aftermath of Armageddon and the battle between Satan and Devilman. This series became an OVA anime in 1986, and was released in the U. S. sometime during the 1990s in an edited version by Manga Video and an uncensored release by Critical Mass.

In 1997, Go Nagai revamped the series and created Devilman Lady (Devil Lady in the U. S.). Devil Lady is based on Go Nagai's idea of "What if the main character was a woman?" The story takes a different approach to the story presented in its Devilman counterpart. In Devil Lady, a woman named Jun Fudo learns that she has the power to transform into a being known as a "devilman" or "Devil Beast". A woman named Ran Asuka shows up and explains to her that her "powers" or "gifts" are actually believed to be somewhat of a disease known as the "Devil Beast Syndrome". It is even stated that these "devilmen" are actually the next step in human evolution as a means of survival. The story became very popular and was made into an anime series in 1998. The series consists of 26 episodes and was released in the U. S. during late 2002 and early 2003. The Devil Lady series is very popular and contains its own original story that stands out from the Devilman series.

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