Golgo 13, part 2

The origin of Golgo 13 is left in total mystery, his age and birthplace both completely unknown. Various episodes throughout the Golgo 13 series have tried answering this mystery, but all of the 'Origin Series' end with a note of uncertainty that never make sense if the story's theory was definitely true, and others end revealing that the theories were false. Some theories state that Golgo 13 is either: Japanese, Japanese-American, Chinese, Chinese-American, mixed Japanese and Russian, or of other mixed Asian descent. Some theories even suggest that he may be of former Manchurian or Central Asian descent, but these are deemed unlikely.

A few Golgo 13 stories were translated into English and released in the USA. In 1986, in collaboration with translator Patrick Connolly, Lead Publishing Co.,Ltd. (author Takao Saito's brother's company) released four trade paperback comics, each with 2 complete stories, called the Golgo 13 Graphic Novel Series:

No. 1: Into the Wolves' Lair (August 1986)
Into the Wolves' Lair- In 1982, the Israeli government hires Golgo 13 to rescue a Mossad agent and eliminate Neo-Nazis operating in Argentina under the leadership of Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann.

Fighting Back- In 1980, Soviet commandos pursue Golgo 13 after he assassinates a Soviet general in Afghanistan.

No. 2: Galinpero (October 1986)
Galinpero- In 1980, a peasant villager hires Golgo 13 to kill the Galinperos, a group of vicious criminals hiding out in the jungles of the Amazon Basin.

The One-Ten Angle- In 1983, the Saudi royal family hires Golgo 13 to find and execute the murderer of one of their own in New York.

No. 3: Ice Lake Hit (December 1986)
Ice Lake Hit- The CIA sends Golgo 13 to Canada to assassinate a CIA double agent, while Eastern Bloc intelligence agents try to stop him.

Machine Cowboy- A horse rancher hires Golgo 13 to hunt down horse thieves in Texas.

No. 4: The Ivory Connection (February 1987)
Ivory Connection- On behalf of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Golgo 13 hunts ivory poachers in Africa and faces the FNLA.

Scandal! The Unpaid Reward- The leader of a West German political party hires Golgo 13 to assassinate his political rival, to secure his lobby's bid for a defense contract with the government of West Germany.

These four books are out of print, and are very rare and hard to find.

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