Golgo 13, part 3

In 1989 and 1990, Lead Publishing returned with two new Golgo 13 comic books, this time in association with Vic Tokai as part of the promotion of the two Golgo 13 video games produced by them for the NES: Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode, released in 1988 and The Mafat Conspiracy, released in 1990. The comics were released to the US public via a mail-in offer with the purchase of the games and were later even found packaged with the video games. Each issue contained one complete story and had nothing to do with the storylines of the video games themselves.

No.1: The Impossible Hit (1971)- Golgo 13 kills a financier with Mafia connections in Manhattan but is soon hounded by detectives when the single shell casing from the bullet used in the killing is found!
No.2: Hopper The Border (1971)- Swiss authorities hire Golgo 13 to kill a criminal who is well-known for smuggling people on the run out of Switzerland.
In 1991, Lead Publishing returned once again with another Golgo 13 series, now released by VIZ Media, formerly VIZ comics, under the title, The Professional: Golgo 13. This series ran for only 3 issues and featured a 3-part story called The Argentine Tiger.

The Argentine Tiger- In 1982, in the middle of the Falklands War, the British government hires Golgo 13 to assassinate the ex-president of Argentina, Juan Perón, who was supposedly dead but is alive in Buenos Aires.

In January 2006, Golgo 13 was brought back by VIZ Media in their Viz Signature collection. These volumes of the Golgo 13 manga are taken not in order of their release, but in a seemingly arbitrary way that is decided by Viz Media and will feature 2 complete stories and a dossier titled "File 13" explaining the inner workings and machinations of the Golgo 13 character. These volumes are also advertised under the moniker "13 volumes of Golgo 13's greatest hits."

The first volume is entitled Golgo 13: Supergun.

Story #364, The Gun at Am Shara, May 1997
In 1997, the US government hires Golgo 13 to stop Saddam Hussein from reactivating Project Babylon, a supergun able to hurl a missile from an extremely long range.

Story #144, Hit And Run, April 1979
A private investigator in San Francisco plots vengeance on a crime boss responsible for his fiancé getting hurt in a hit and run accident by making him believe he's hired freelance assassin Golgo 13 to kill him.

In April 2006, VIZ media released the second volume, entitled Golgo 13: Hydra.

Story #290, The Deaths of June 3rd, October 1990
In 1989, Golgo 13 goes to Tianamen Square in the middle of the massive student protests to assassinate a Tibetan activist.

Story #88, Hydra, October 1974
Once again in the employ of the CIA, Golgo 13 must infiltrate a Corsican mafia drug ring operating in Marseille and kill their chemist known as Doctor Z. This storyline was also used as a basis for part of the first anime film.

In June 2006, the third volume was released, entitled Golgo 13: Power To The People.

Story #333, Amandala Awethu: Power To the People, July 1994
After the fall of apartheid, newly-elected South African president Nelson Mandela hires Golgo 13 to stop a terrorist plot to bring the country into civil war.

Golgo 13 Special Edition Story #39, A Fierce Southern Current, April 1994
The ownership of an island in the South China Sea is disputed by a number of countries over the discovery of its rich oil reserves and an international finance company decides to use Golgo 13's name and financial assets to broker a deal with whichever country gains ownership, all unbeknownst to Golgo 13.

In August 2006, the fourth volume was released, entitled Golgo 13: The Orbital Hit.

Story #137, The Orbital Hit, September 1978
When a secret U.S. government spacecraft carrying a nuclear payload is damaged in orbit and its crew is killed, Golgo is recruited by President Gerald Ford to prevent the craft from interfering with the scheduled Apollo-Soyuz rendezvous.

Story #369, English Rose, November 1997
Golgo is recruited to assassinate Ahmad Al-Farid (a fictional take on Dodi Al-Fayed) while he is away from England with Princess Diana. He is explicitly ordered to make sure that Diana returns to England safely, but complications arise when another assassin is employed to kill her. The scenario is a heavily fictionalized take on the actual events surrounding the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

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