3×3 Eyes

3×3 Eyes (pronounced Sazan Eyes in Japanese) is a manga created by acclaimed mangaka Yuzo Takada, and is his most successful series. It spans 40 volumes, beginning in 1987 and finally ending in 2002. It was serialized in Young Magazine.

There are also two anime OVA series based on 3×3 Eyes. They were first released in 1991 and 1995. They were relatively short, only comprising four 30-minute episodes and three 45-minute episodes. The storyline goes up to volume 5 of the manga.

The English-language manga was being published by Dark Horse Comics, but was canceled before the release of volume 9 in 2005. Two versions of the English adaptations exist; one published by Streamline Pictures and another released in 2001 by Pioneer LDC, now known as Geneon Entertainment.

3x3 Eyes follows the adventures of Pai, the last remaining Sanjiyan Unkara and her new Wu (an immortal companion), Yakumo, as they desperately try to find a way to make Pai human so that she can forget her troubled past. In some Chinese dubs Pai is pronounced "Pui" and her name is a reference to Parvati, a beautiful Indian mountain goddess reputed to inhabit the Himalayas. Yakumo can again become mortal and end his constant need to protect Pai because if Pai dies, then so will he. Along the way, they encounter many followers of the now-dead demon god Kaiyanwang, all of whom wish to kill Pai or siphon off her power in order to resurrect their deity and/or gain immortality.

Sazan is the Japanese word for 3x3 as in multiplication tables. It's also the phonetical equivalent for the English word southern, and Takada's favorite music group happens to be Southern All Stars.
Volume 40, the last volume, has been published in two versions, one of which includes a PC game.
Various games came out based on the 3x3 Eyes manga on the Japanese Super Famicom, Playstation and the Game Boy. They featured new characters, music and artwork.
The songs from 3x3 Eyes are by the Takada Band. Their music is released separately.
So far many music albums have been made: Two original soundtrack cds, the 3x3 Eyes - Seima Densetsu Matsuei Fudanshi 2 Original Soundtrack, the Takada Band vocal album, the 3x3 Eyes Dai-ichi Shou Original Soundtrack, a 3x3 Eyes Image Album 3 - Earth Chapter and the 3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu Matsuei Fudanshi 1 Original Soundtrack.
A TV series was being considered at around the time the manga ended in 2002. However, due to the then-recent Japanese censorship laws, it wasn't made.
The original voice actresses for Pai and the Sanjiyan in the Streamline Pictures English language adaptation are also the same voice actresses for Robotech's Lynn Minmay and Lisa Hayes, respectively. (Rebecca Forstadt and Melanie MacQueen).
The voice actress for Pai is Megumi Hayashibara in the original Japanese language version.
The music composer for the animes is Kaoru Wada.

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