Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi is a manga by Kou Fumizuki, first serialized in 1998 in Hakusensha's Young Animal, a magazine for young men. The original manga series ended its run in 2005.

The title was taken from a quote from the Chinese philosopher Xun Zi: Blue comes from indigo, yet is bluer than indigo . The phrase is used in Japanese to mean that, although a person is molded by their teacher, they surpass that teacher through their own efforts. The name of the main character, Aoi may be a reference to this phrase.

Ai Yori Aoshi was made into an anime in 2002 and video games were released for the PlayStation 2 and Windows 98. The anime series was completed when its second season, under the title Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi , was completed in 2003. The anime was released in North America by Geneon and in Singapore by Odex. The manga was released in English by TOKYOPOP. Also, a drama CD series was produced, with slight differences in the voicing cast as compared to the anime.

The series is sometimes referred to as a halfway point between a harem anime and a magical girlfriend story. It is also referred to as "Wasei Rabu Hina" as the story is similar to Love Hina, but in a more traditional Japanese style.

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