.hack//Tasogare No Udewa Densetsu

.hack//Tasogare No Udewa Densetsu
Studio : Bandai Visual Co. (USA), Inc.
Also involved: BeeTrain Production, Inc.
Licenced by : Bandai Entertainment
Length : 12 Episodes
Year : 2003
Genre : Science-Fiction - Fantasy - Adventure - Action

Synopsis :
Twin Siblings Shugo and Rena are the winners of a contest held within the game The World and win the rights to play using special character skins based off of Kite and Black Rose, the Heroes of The World. What new adventures await them? What plans does Arua have for Shugo by giving him a legendary bracelet that allows him to modify the source code of The World? Will Shugo be able to get back into the swing of playing an online game and level his character up to impress and protect his sister?

Additional Notes: Taking place four years after the conclusion of the .hack//Liminality and PlayStation 2 games, .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu continues the adventures of the .hack universe with a new soundtrack, and comic based animation style.

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