Japanese Anime: Angel Links

Angel Links ("Angels of the Stars: Angel Links") is an anime series. It was aired across WOWOW and the anime television network Animax.

Angel Links is about a 16 year old girl, Meifon Li, who becomes the head of a corporation dedicated to saving transportation companies in outer space from pirates for free, as per her grandfather's dying wish. As the series progresses, she learns a terrifying secret about her grandfather and the reason for his wish. The anime is produced by Sunrise and is released in the U.S. by Bandai, and is based on a novel by Hideaki Ibuki. It is considered a spinoff of the anime series Outlaw Star and takes place in the same universe. The characters Duuz and Valeria are from an episode of Outlaw Star titled "Law and Lawlessness," and now work for Meifon, although there are several differences in their character and personalities between the two shows.

Several characters from Outlaw Star make cameo appearances in this series. Fred Luo can be seen as one of the party guests along with his bodyguards during the first episode. Also, during the 5th episode, the bartender Clyde and the waitress Iris make a brief appearance.
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