Japanese Anime: Angel Sanctuary, Part 1

Angel Sanctuary is a manga and anime series created by Kaori Yuki. This 20-volume series was originally serialized in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume. The manga was adapted as a three-episode OVA series that loosely covers the first story arc; it was intended to be an introduction to the manga rather than a complete story, and thus ends on an abrupt cliffhanger. Both the manga and anime feature mature content.

The manga is available in English, published by Viz Communications and in Brazil and Italy by Panini Comics. It is also available in Chinese, published by Tongli Publishing, and in Spanish, published in Spain by Mangaline and in Mexico by Grupo Editorial Vid.

A series of drama CDs based on the other story arcs was also released.

Setsuna Mudo is a problematic delinquent high school student, who is in love with his sister. To add to his problems, he is also a reincarnation of a fallen angel, which gets him caught in a messy war between heaven and hell.

Angel Sanctuary is one of Kaori Yuki's most celebrated works. Among other things, it discusses the morality of incestuous relationships, the nature of God, and other philosophical topics.

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