Japanese Anime: Angel Sanctuary, Part 2


The Organic Angel Alexiel is the twin sister of Rosiel. One of the most powerful angels in heaven, she has three wings. Alexiel was loved by many, including Uriel and Lucifer.Alexiel was the older of the twin angels, her inorganic counterpart being her brother Rociel. When Alexiel and Rociel were born, only Alexiel possessed a full fledged body, being the Organic Angel. Rociel being the Inorganic angel, was a soul with no body. Alexiel, who loved her brother as if he were own flesh and blood made a pact with God so that he would allow her to give Rociel a body. In return, God decreed, she would never talk to her brother, never willingly go near him and never show her true feelings (her sisterly love) for him. She agreed to these commands and Rociel was given a body, though Alexiel was imprisoned in Eden.

Later Lucifer the Morningstar rebels against God and in the process, frees Alexiel from Eden. Once free, Alexiel is able to realize just how warped her homeland has become in her years of imprisonment. Disgusted by the corrupt practices of heaven, Alexiel rebelled against God and joined forces with Princess Kurai of the Evil Kingdom. Though she loved Rosiel, she sealed her dangerous, insane brother within the earth. It is shortly after this that Alexiel is imprisoned by the heavenly army and put on trial for her actions. In punishment for her treason, Alexiel's soul is separated from her body, doomed to be endlessly reincarnated into a human on Earth; each of her lives are to be miserable and end in a painful death. Her current incarnation is Setsuna Mudo.

It was revealed in the final volume that God went to such extents to stop Rociel and Alexiel from joining each other, because of the power that they would possess when they fused their powers together. They are both direct descendant from the Holy Hermit Adam Kadmon so their combined power would be enough to destroy God and his plans to dominate every aspect of the Universe. He thought he'd found a way to keep them apart by imprisoning her in Eden but that plan was ruined by Lucifer.

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