Bible Black

Bible Black is an Japanese video game created by ActiveSoft in 2000 , and was adapted into an anime by Milky Studio. The adaptation of the original game was called La Noche de Walpurgis (The Night of Walpurgis) in English and simply Bible Black in Japanese. It and consisted of 6 episodes. Additionally, there are 2 prequel episodes (Origin in US, Sidestory in Japan) and two special "ONLY" episodes. A sequel, titled La Lanza de Longinus (The Lance of Longinus) is currently being produced by Milky Studio as well, with 5 episodes already released. Both seasons of the anime and the game as well have been translated and released in the U.S. by Kitty Media.

The whole series revolves around a certain high school rumored to have been the base of operations of a coven several years ago (pre-2000). The school's unofficial "Witchcraft Club", as they called themselves, practiced black magic in the underground basement hidden away at the institute. Teachers, students, professors, and staff practicing the dark occult religion and sacrifices upon their innocent victims is a common and recurring theme in all things Bible Black.

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