Viper GTS

Viper GTS is a three episode anime OVA series, which is based upon a popular H anime video game series.

The plot of the series centers around three succubi, Carrera, Mercedes and Rati, who are summoned to Earth to capture souls, which are then processed into brilliant gems.

The series and all the devils are named after automobile models or companies. Viper GTS is named after Dodge's Viper GTS (a coupe model of the famous automobile), Carerra is named after the Porsche 911 Carrera, Mercedes is named after Mercedes-Benz, and Alpina after the BMW tuning company Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen. Rati might be derived from Maserati, but is also the name of the Hindu goddess of love.

The Viper M1 h game in the Hyper Viper Animation series for the PC was released in 1998.
Viper V16 was released in 2002 for the PC by the now defunct Sogna.


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