War of Genesis III

War of Genesis III is a console and computer role-playing game released by Softmax in 1999. Additionally, this title is unofficially known as War of Genesis III: Part 1 to distinguish the sequel, War of Genesis III: Part 2. Part 1 contains episodes 1, 2, and 3, while Part 2 contains episodes 4, 5, and 6. Though continuous in story, there is a time gap between the two parts that is millenias long.

War of Genesis 3 is a turn-based role-playing game with a minor element of real time strategy game. This minor real time element is called the Legion System. For example, a small number of individually uncontrollable characters surrounding the leader character is considered as one whole player, contributing a faster pace of duration for a huge scale combat for a turn-based Tactical RPG.

Now no longer in service, The War of Genesis Arena was an extra feature for The War of Genesis III: Part 2. It was a game in which players controlled one of the characters in War of Genesis III Part 1 and Part 2 to play a cooperative SRPG style game online.

Episode 1 : Shivan Scimitar
Saladin, whose real name is Philip Pandragon, leads a mercenary group called the Shivan Scimitar. He joins in the civil war going on in Tur with intentions to weaken the nation so that the Kingdom of Pandragon can take it over, but finds himself falling in love with Sherazard, who is a young daughter of Scieiman the 5th. He abandons his intentions, but soon the weakened nation of Tur gets invaded by the kingdom of Pandragon. Sherazard is murdered by the Beaumont and Saladin goes in a deep bout of depression and rage.

Episode 2 : Crimson Crusade
The story follows a zealous young man, the Grandduke of Beaumont, referred to as simply "Beaumont." He conquers all the resistance within the Pandragon Kingdom's territory, and becomes the king of the Kingdom of Pandragon, overthrowing the aristocracy that had been characteristic of Pandragon for ages (Beaumont views the aristocracy as reason for Pandragon's weakness in comparison to the amount of territory it controls, because the nobles wouldn't unite for a common cause). When he invades the nation of Tur--under the declaration of a "Crimson Crusade"--it is revealed that his brother, Philip Pandragon, is alive.

Episode 3 : Apocalypse
Christian de Medich is the main character in this episode. Christian and his partner Joan Kartwright work for ISS (Imperial Secret Service.) They investigates the cult following of a former ruler of the Geysirian Empire, the Dark Prince (A.K.A G.S., Karl Styner). Along the way, they meet up with a mysterious individual who refers to himself only as "The Iron Mask." With Iron Mask's help, they find a conspiracy that will doom the world that they live in. Before that happens, the Iron Mask offers an unconventional solution, which Christian reluctantly accepts

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