Ouran High School Host Club

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Ouran High School Host Club is a manga and anime series done by Bisco Hatori.
The Manga has been serialized in Hakusensha's LaLa magazine since August 5, 2003.
Ouran High School Host Club follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran High School, and the other members of the host club.
The romantic comedy focuses on the relationships within and without the Club and satirizes the stereotypes that endure in series aimed at girls.
Besides the anime, the manga has been adapted into a series of audio dramas and a visual novel by Idea Factory.

The animated television series, Ouran High School Host Club, premiered April 5, 2006 on Japan's NTV network. The series was directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido, who also wrote Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Melody of Oblivion, while the character designer and chief animation director for the series was Kumiko Takahashi, who did Cardcaptor Sakura. It also features a different cast from the audio dramas, with Maaya Sakamoto starring as Haruhi Fujioka and Mamoru Miyano portraying Tamaki Suou. Ouran High School Host Club finished its run on September 26, 2006, totaling to twenty-six episodes.

The series is licensed for distribution in North America by FUNimation Entertainment. The first anime DVD set containing the first thirteen episodes will be released on October 28, 2008 in North America. The second volume will follow in January 2009 containing the last thirteen episodes.

Detective Conan / Case Closed

Detective Conan, Case Closed

Detective Conan is a Japanese detective manga and anime series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama and has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday since 1994.
In the English speaking world it is called Case Closed because of legal issues with the Conan the Barbarian franchise.

Case Closed is about the adventures of Jimmy Kudo, a young detective who was investigating a secret criminal organization when he was knocked unconsious and given a drug that was supposed to kill him, but instead it turned him into a prepubescent boy.
The manga and anime versions are both very popular and the series has been adapted into 12 Golden Week movies. Starting on April 17, 1997, one movie a year has been released. Ten of those movies have been in the top ten each year. Nine OVAs (Original video animation released on home video formats) have also been released.

Chibi Vampire

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Chibi Vampire was originally released in Japan as Karin.
It is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Yuna Kagesaki.
The story is about basically a " reverse vampire"girl , instead of drinking blood, she must inject it into others because she produces too much.
Chibi Vampire first premiered in the shōnen magazine Monthly Dragon Age from October 2003 until February 2008.
The individual chapters of the story were published by Kadokawa Shoten into thirteen collected volumes.

Both the manga and light novel series were released by Tokyopop in English. Tokyopop renamed the manga series Chibi Vampire and the novel series Chibi Vampire: The Novel.

In 2005, an anime adaptation of Chibi Vampire was created by J.C.Staff and directed by Shinichiro Kimura.
Twenty-four episodes were aired in Japan on WOWOW from November 3, 2005 till May 11, 2006.
It was licensed for an English release to Region 1 DVD, under the name Karin, by Geneon USA.
On July 3, 2008, Geneon Entertainment and Funimation Entertainment announced that Funimation had agreed to be the exclusive North American distributer of Geneon titles, including Chibi Vampire.

A guidebook to the Chibi Vampire series, Karin All-Nosebleeds Book, was released in 2006.

Chibi Vampire, Volume 1 (v. 1)

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