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Claymore started out, as a lot of anime does, as a manga.
This dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. It appeared in the Monthly Shōnen Jump in May 2001.
When Monthly was canceled in June 2007, the series moved to Weekly Shonen Jump.
The first eleven volumes of the series was made into a twenty-six episode anime series by Madhouse Studios, and it premiered in Japan on NTV on April 3, 2007.
The plot is basically that a group of superhuman warriors called Claymores are created by a nameless secret organization to protect humans from flesh-eating creatures called Yoma.
Most of the claymores are female, because human males who are changed to hybrids (by implanting Yoma flesh and blood into humans) tend to lose control of their powers faster.
The series follows the adventures of one Claymore named Clare and her friend Raki.

Vampire Knight

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Continuing along with Vampire Animes....

Vampire Knight, a manga and anime series written by Matsuri Hino, premiered in the January 2005 issue of LaLa magazine and is still on-going.
Hakusensha publishes chapters in collected volumes, nine of which have been released in Japan.
A twenty-six episode anime adaptation was produced by Studio Deen and directed by Kiyoko Sayama.
The first season of thirteen episodes, premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 8, 2008 and ran until the season finale on July 1, 2008.
The second thirteen episode season, called Vampire Knight Guilty, premiered on October 7, 2008.
Besides the manga and anime, two drama CDs have been released, two light novels, a video game (Vampire Knight DS coming out in 2009) and the official Vampire Knight Fanbook was released in November 2008.


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And now for one of my personal favorite animes.....Hellsing.

Hellsing is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano.
It debuted in Young King Ours in 1997 and ended in 2008.
Hellsing chronicles the efforts of the mysterious and secret Hellsing Organization, as it combats vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural foes who threaten the United Kingdom.

Dark Horse Comics is licensed for the English language release of the manga in North America. In Australia and New Zealand, Madman Entertainment owns the rights and in Singapore the rights are owned by Chuang Yi.
Hellsing: The Dawn, a prequel series, has been published in special editions of Young King OURs since 2001.

The anime series was produced by Gonzo and directed by Umanosuke Iida from a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka.
It is different from the manga in terms of plot, though it uses some of the same characters and similar character designs.
The anime was broadcast on Fuji Television in Japan from October 10, 2001 to January 16, 2002.
Satelight and Geneon. is producing an original video animation (OVA) called Hellsing Ultimate. Ultimate follows the manga story line more closely than the first anime series.

Hellsing (Complete Boxed Set)

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