The Top Ten Anime Girls - Eve - Black Cat

Number Two - Eve (Black Cat)

Eve, the genetically engineered bio-weapon that looks like a young girl from the Anime and Manga Black Cat comes in at number number two on the list.
Using nanotechnology Eve can transform her body into various types of offensive and defensive weapons.
At first she could only do parts, but later, she developed the ability to transform her entire body into a weapon, though it puts quite a strain on her.

You have to admit, having a person on your side that can turn her arms into blades, hammers, shields etc., and turn her hair into fists and more blades, turn her skin into steel, sprout wings and swim underwater like a mermaid has it's advantages.

Eve was raised to be an emotionless killing machine and designed to be the ultimate soldier.

She is usually called "Princess", or "Hime-chan" by Train.

Eve versus Leon (Black Cat)

Eve - Black Cat, posted to on April 1st, 2010

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