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a new  storyline began with the promise of changing Garfield’s life forever (according  to the strip’s official website). During the next  two weeks, Garfield and Jon accidentally spotted Garfield’s vet and Jon’s crush  Liz in a restaurant  with another man. After an embarrassing meeting, Liz admitted that she actually  liked Jon, and the date ended with a kiss[4] on July 28 (both Jon and Jim Davis’s birthday), when Jon  could finally say that he had a life. There is some speculation that in Jon  finally succeeding where he's failed since the beginning of the strip, Jim Davis  may be setting up the finale of the comic sometime on or around this year's 30th  anniversary. With no major character developments in 30 years, a potential  wedding for Jon may be an appropriate way to end the Garfield saga.he characters and situations in Garfield have recently been constant, with no  change or development for the past several years. While this was not unique to  Garfield, as Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes and the children of  Peanuts never aged, other  strips such as For Better or For Worse, cathy,  and Doonesbury maintain a  continuity with characters who develop, age, and may even die as the strip  proceeds. As in For Better Or For Worse, their dog, Farley, had recently  died in a river from saving a child's life. In one particular sequence, however,  leading up to Garfield’s 25th birthday (which is always marked by Garfield  complaining about his age along with the rest of the characters making subtle  references to it), Davis brought back the Garfield from 1978, the one that  waddled and always had a frown under his pinpoint eyes. The old and new  Garfields talk and find that, although they look different, they are still both  too greedy and territorial to stand even themselves

Garfield has undergone changes over the lifetime of the strip. His rear paws  are now drawn as proportionally huge when he walks on his hind legs. He has a  wide frown when it goes back to around 1982 or so, in order to allow more  expression in the strip. By the middle of 1983, his familiar  appearance—featuring oval-shaped eyes—had taken shape. By this  time, Garfield was walking on two feet, and the strip emphasized sitcom situations  such as Garfield making fun of Jon’s stupidity and his inability to date. Jon  and Odie have also evolved quite a bit, from being thin and starkly colored to  the cartoons they are today.

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