Kenpachi Zaraki Zanpakuto Sword Replica

Kenpachi Zaraki is the captain of the 11th Division within Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Kusajishi Yachiru. Kenpachi is the only captain who doesn't know the name of his zanpakutou and therefore he is not able to achieve bankai just yet. Even without a bankai, he was powerful enough to acquire the 11th Division captain position by defeating and killing the previous captain.

kenpachi zaraki sword Gotei 13 Captain 11th Division with eyepatch zanpakutou

Although Kenpachi doesn't know his zanpakutou's name, it's always in shikai state due to his immense reiatsu or spiritual power similar to Kurosaki Ichigo's Zangetsu. His zanpakutou assumes the appearance of a worn-down dull blade with a guard that extends inward from its center. This reflects Kenpachi's practice of deliberately weakening himself to match his opponent's strength so he can prolong the fight and savour the battle for the longest possible time.

ichigo fight kenpachi zaraki sword Gotei 13 Captain 11th Division

The sword's blade is much longer than a normal zanpakutou. Despite its worn out appearance, Kenpachi's zanpakutou easily cuts through most objects. This was proven when it pierced right through Ichigo's zanpakutou in a duel and effortlessly sliced a building in half after Kenpachi released the full force of his reiatsu. The sword was also featured in The DiamondDust Rebellion where it demolished a large section of a castle. Although Kenpachi's reiatsu is insanely immense, the disharmony with his zanpakutou causes the two's power to diminish each other. There's no telling how powerful Kenpachi could become once he successfully communicates with his zanpakutou.

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The Kenpachi Zaraki Sword replica from TopSwords was the cheapest I can find at the time of this post. The sword replica has an overall length of 43" and blade length 28". The blade is made of stainless steel and the adjoining unique tsuba (guard) has the same design shown in the anime. White Cotton cloth wraps both the wooden sword handle and scabbard. The blade edge however is not worn-out and dilapidated like the anime, instead it looks brand new. If they could mimic the battle scars on the blade, it would have been an awesome wicked sword! Guaranteed!

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If there are no stocks available, alternatively you can purchase the Kenpachi Zaraki Sword Replica from 247Swords.

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If price is not an issue, there is the Kenpachi Zaraki Sword replica from Collectible Cutlery.

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