Kurosaki Ichigo Zanpakuto Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword Replica

Ichigo’s bankai sword called Tensa Zangetsu won rave reviews from Bleach fans everywhere when it made its debut in the duel with Kuchiki Byakuya, the 6th Division taicho. Initially ridiculed by Byakuya due to its zanpakutou form, Tensa Zangetsu is actually the result of condensing all of Ichigo’s power into that small physical form enabling him to battle at lightning speed with the full force of his bankai. The sword no doubt looks stunning in black and makes a great collector item for Bleach fans. Only thing I wasn’t so much impressed with Ichigo's bankai ability. Just lacks the shock and awe compared to other taicho's bankai. Ichigo die-hard fans can blast my comment page for this.

bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo bankai sword replica hollow transformation tensa zangetsu
The name Tensa Zangetsu translates into "heavenly chained moon cutter". In bankai state, the previous huge shikai cleaver shrinks into a nodachi (long 2-handed Japanese sword). The sword is black from blade tip to hilt, radiating the dark and mystifying aura it's associated with. The tsuba (guard) appears in the shape similar to a swastika. It's ironic the swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word svastik meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and objects to denote good luck. It may be your lucky sword. Also a short black chain takes the place of the overhanging white bandage cloth from shikai state.

bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo bankai sword replica musashi handmade swordsswords tensa zangetsu
For a functional sword replica with reasonable price and quality, the sleek Musashi Handmade Ichigo Bankai Sword Replica Tensa Zangetsu sold by Swords Swords is a good buy. Last checked, there were no stocks available even from other dealers. Made of high-carbon steel, the sword has razor sharp edge with a full-tang. Overall length is 41” while blade length is 30”. The guard is made of stainless steel with black liquid finish. Although Ichigo Bankai Sword does not have a scabbard in the anime, for a functional sword it's just wrong not to have one. Cool thing is the Musashi scabbard has the same high-gloss black liquid finish. The sword replica comes wrapped in a sword bag placed inside a dazzling Chinese red silk box. Nice touch actually but if you prefer to display it out in the open, there is a display stand included.

bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo bankai sword replica shopusmore tensa zangetsu
If waiting for available stock is too much for you, check out the functional 56” Ichigo Bankai Sword replica Tensa Zangetsu sold by Shopusmore. As its name implies, the overall length is 56” while blade length is 37”, much longer than Musashi's. The blade is made of high-carbon steel and the sword comes with a wooden scabbard, both having black liquid finish.

bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo bankai sword replica royalarm tensa zangetsu
There is also another option - the 56” Ichigo Bankai Sword replica Tensa Zangetsu sold by Royal Arm which I believe is more of a decorative sword.

wooden bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo bankai sword replica tensa zangetsu
Or if safety is a concern, you can opt for the wooden 52” Ichigo Bankai Sword replica Tensa Zangetsu sold by 247swords, excellent for cosplay. The wooden blade has a solid black liquid finish and the guard is made of plastic with the same black liquid finish.

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