Shrek 2 part 5

Back in the dungeon of a far away jail, the fairy tale creatures save Shrek,  Donkey, and Puss and create a giant gingerbread man named Mongo with help from  the Muffin Man. They use the giant cookie to break into the ball. Fiona and  Charming begin to dance at the ball, while Mongo begins to pull down the  drawbridge, but the guards dump hot milk on him and his arms fall off. Shrek  manages to get through the cracks of the drawbridge and lowers it. Shrek and  Donkey charge into the ballroom and the fairy tale creatures begin to fight  Fairy Godmother. Fiona realizes it's not Shrek she's dancing with. Fairy  Godmother tells Charming to kiss Fiona to activate the potion. But once Charming  is done kissing her, she knocks him out with a head butt, revealing that Harold  gave her the wrong tea on purpose, after feeling guilty about his actions.

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