death note episode from manga to anime movie

Death Note episodes are derived from a Japanese manga chain made by renowned writer Tsugumi Ohba with manga artiste Takeshi Obata. The manga/anime revolves around Light Yagami, who is a college student who uncovers a paranormal notebook, which is titled Death Note, left in their world by a shinigami who is called Ryuk. The notebook gives its user the capability to murder anybody whose face they have already seen just by marking the persons name in the notebook. The tale tracks Light’s effort to make and rule the earth purified of evil by means of the notebook, and the intricate clash involving him, his adversaries and a strange police officer recognized by the world only as L.

Death Note Episodes are watched and loved by both children and adults world wide. It is because of its wonderful animation that entice adults to  watch death note and even become fan of it. People sometimes do wonder  why  in people can easily   harm or destroy any person .People who watch death note feels that goodness always conquers evil. Though evil deeds may be made done , but always in the end what matters most is the lesson that we learned and that goodness will always win.

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