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One Piece 606 Manga 606 Confirmed

Read One Piece 606 Confirmed spoilers
alright, first half.

One Piece 606 Chapter 606: Adventure in the Depth

Sunny is attacked by a jellyfish in the depth
Chopper tries to touch it, but it's poisonous so Franky blows it away with Coup de Burst
Cariboo hides in a barrel while all this is going on, and thinking to himself

"If I kill them here and now, I can't move the ship. When we get to FI that's when you all will meet your end"
But he had his head stuck out of the barrel, and Franky locked him up in the barrel tight lol
Franky notices Cariboo was gooey like mud, and confirms that he's a logia.

As the crew continues their adventure, they come across undersea volcano, a massive angler fish attacks, and a massive giant comes out and whacks the angler fish and tells it not to eat ships.
(T guesses he's a race that Sanjuan Wolf belongs to)

second half

A song is heard from somewhere... A ghost ship appears. The name of the ship is The Flying Dutchman.
It's wandering the sea under a curse.
The name of the captain is Van der Decken.
The reason why the giant seaman scolded the angler fish is because if it eats the ship, they can't get the treasure. So they are enemy afterall.
They tried to attack, but the Kraken comes between them and they get away safely

Looks like Luffy tamed it using Haoshoku haki.
Zoro/Sanji/Luffy are all in one bubble, and they return to Sunny safely

The name of the sea giant is Wadatsumi.
He's a follower of the Van Der Decken.Link
The name of the Kraken is Surume (Japanese for dried squid dish)
The volcano is about to erupt, and this chapter ends.

The cover art is a canary singing on a tree branch while Robin reads a book under it.

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