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Anime Babes 10116 - Anime Babes Wallpaper

Anime Babes 10116 - Anime Babes Wallpaper

Anime Babes 10114 - Anime Babes Wallpaper

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70 Very High Quality Wallpapers of Hot Anime Girls | 50MB | 1920×1200

Development of 3D animations

The development of rapid computer animation world today takes tens of years in the process penciptaaannya. Animation literally means to bring a live or move. In general, menganimasi an object has a meaning to move the object to be alive.
This meaning is in the world of computer animation to further expanded due to a stationary object also includes animation. Animation silent (none motion) is used if an object is about to be introduced in detail in the pattern of the audience. Animation began to be widely recognized since the popularity of television media are able to present the moving images recording the activities of living beings, whether human, animal, or plant. If dikomparasikan with a photo or painting a picture that still (not moving) then generally preferred animated spectators being able to generate enthusiasm and emotion.

If further examination, in a variety of jobs offered by the major advantages of an animator than the camera man, that an animator can-create an object or effect that is not able to produce camera man.
For instance, an animator can create a visualization of a hurricane, volcanic eruption that released hot lava, reviving the monster dinosaur extinct several centuries ago, collapsing buildings, making the expensive F-16 aircraft exploded and burned. In fact there are many more other work done by the camera man impossible. Had to be done by the camera man, then the job will be to absorb the funds, time, and huge power.

That is the role of animation, especially animation in the computer world and the role of the architect designer animator as an animation. In coming years, predicted the world will be more sparkling animation again. For example with the release of the software eye matic face station. With the support of software-based 3D animation is the director no longer need to bring in an actress or actor who pay expensive in filmmaking. Simply by having photos side view and front view the artist's face was modeled similar to the original, in the form of three-dimensional course.
With combustion program which is a plug-in software 3D Studio Max then making the transition effect used in the turn antarsekuel movie on one side becomes easier and more attractive. So the more extensive land also offered a job and a challenge for community animators Indonesia.

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Fairy Tail - Oración Seis Arc!

Oración Seis Arc has ended! It was a pretty good arc with lots of action and the return of Jellal ♥.

I think that Oración Seis Arc is quite similar to Tower of Heaven Arc as it's also about stopping the bad guys from activating a super duper powerful evil magic. Oración Seis Arc has more battles and among all the battles, I like the ones between Gray/Lyon and Racer (it's nice to see Gray and Lyon fighting alongside each other), Lucy and Angel (2 new Zodiac keys were being introduced), and Natsu and Zero (Natsu's finishing move was really badass!). Disappointingly, even though Jellal has finally returned to his kind self, he was weakened right from the start by his own self-destructive magic. Since this arc looks like it will be the last arc for Jellal, I was hoping to see more of Jellal in action but as usual, the focus was on Natsu and friends. (v.v) (*Spoiler Alert! The next arc will be about Mystogan and though he looks like Jellal, he's not Jellal. His name is also Jellal but he's from another parallel world. Disappointingly, though the next arc is about Mystogan, he has very little air time. =.=)

Is it me or they look a little gay here? =P



Natsu's new finishing move!

The ending was a sad one for me. I couldn't stop crying when Jellal was taken away and Natsu and friends started to fight the soldiers to bring him back. I cried even harder when he turned around and said, "It was the color of your hair" to Erza.

Oración Seis Arc also introduced a new Dragon Slayer, Wendy and her cat, Charle. Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer and her power is healing. When she was first introduced, I had the feeling that she would join Fairy Tail. However, I quickly dismissed the idea as I thought it was not honorable to just leave one guild and join another, and Wendy did not seem like that sort of person. The end of the Oración Seis Arc showed the real form of her guild and frankly, I was quite surprised. I'm glad that she has joined Fairy Tail as she will finally reunite with (*Spoiler Alert! the Jellal she met years ago!)

All in all, I enjoyed watching Oración Seis Arc. I was hoping for more Jellal action but too bad, it was not meant to be. I find Jellal to be a very cool but yet pitiable character. (*Spoiler Alert! Since the real Zeref has appeared in the manga, I wonder who was the one who possessed Jellal and turned him into an evil boy when he was young. Ultear's brainwashing?) I really hate Ultear for manipulating him. I hope for his return to the story one day but I highly doubt so. Hopefully he won't be killed or tortured by the new council

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